Privacy Direct

Privacy Direct was founded in 2018 following the concerns of members of the public around the world about personal privacy for law abiding citizens.

At Privacy Direct, we offer a number of different services to enable users to stay anonymous from online marketers, hackers, con-artists, theives, and larger companies that are less scruplious about how they use your data. The services will also enable privacy against legitimate companies and authorities that you may not want to allow you to have your personal details.

How it works

You register for an account and a member of our team will contact you for you to provide, 100 points of identification. When your identification is confirmed we will mark your account as active.

For account holders, you are given an ID, limited but working email address and an Address/PO Box which you can use for registering for any service you may wish to use on the Internet. This includes domain registration, services registrations and logins (eg: YouTube, Facebook etc), rewards cards (eg: Woolworths Reqards, Frequent Flyer cards, etc.)

For premium account holders you can create multiple IDs and emails as needed, mail will be forwarded to your real address if you require at a charge relating to actual postage costs.

Important Information

Do NOT use this service for official/financial accounts (eg: Bank Accounts, Governement ID etc. It is illegal and you will be prosecuted when (not if) caught.)

Privacy Direct will not hide or prevent you from criminal or civil prosecution where you are not acting in good faith, your details will be disclosed to local and international agencies as appropriate.