Privacy Direct

Registered company addresses:

Attn: Director                            Attn: Director
Privacy Direct Pty Ltd                    Privacy Direct Limited
PO Box 180                                Arcadia, Triq il-Hemel
Vincentia                                 Swieqi
NSW 2540                                  SWQ 3097
AUSTRALIA                                 MALTA

ACN: 628 274 751                          MCN: C 82694
ABN: 15 628 274 751

Telephone: +61 2 4443 2401 (Emergencies only - No Tech Support will be given.)
Email: or

Law Enforcement/Government agencies of any country.

We endevour to work with all agencies to prevent illegal use, you may request information about IDs and their account holders at any time. You will have to either:

All official requests (with court orders) MUST come by postal mail, emailed copies/scans/direct notice will not be accepted or actioned.

Note: Privacy Direct will not disclose details of account holders to private individuals or companies without an order from a court.

Address for all legal/RFI enquiries:

Attn: Legal
Privacy Direct Pty Ltd
PO Box 180
NSW 2540
Non court ordered requests may be made to we will review and decide at our descression whether to disclose the account holder.

Not contact information

If you are a customer or real person stop reading here. Do NOT use the email address below it will get you and maybe your company in a lot of trouble.

Spammers and scrapers can email this address to get listed by anti-spam systems around the world. This is not an email address you should use or email at all as it does not go to a real person. So if you are a spammer add this to your list:

Important Information

Privacy Direct will not hide or prevent you from criminal or civil prosecution where you are not acting in good faith, your details will be disclosed to local and international agencies as appropriate.