Privacy Direct

Law Enforcement/Government agencies of any country.

We endevour to work with all agencies to prevent illegal use, you may request information about IDs and their account holders at any time. You will have to either:

All official requests (with court orders) MUST come by postal mail, emailed copies/scans/direct notice will not be accepted or actioned.

Note: Privacy Direct will not disclose details of account holders to private individuals or companies without an order from a court.

Address for all legal/RFI enquiries:

Attn: Legal
Privacy Direct Pty Ltd
PO Box 180
NSW 2540
Non court ordered requests may be made to we will review and decide at our descression whether to disclose the account holder. All accounts are validated by identification documents, to determine if someone has created a fake account to masqerade as a Privacy Direct customer you can use the search form on the Support page where you will receive the very vague result, of "Valid" or "Not Valid".

Abuse Reports

We work with spam detection/blocking agencies such as Proofpoint, Spamhaus, SORBS, and Spamcop, if we receive a Request For Information from one of these entities we will disclose the details of accounts. Should any of them also report that the Privacy Direct IDs are being used for Spam/Virus transmission/Phishing etc, the account will be suspended immediately and the details will be made immediately available to any and all Law Enforcement Agencies.

Important Information

Privacy Direct will not hide or prevent you from criminal or civil prosecution where you are not acting in good faith, your details will be disclosed to local and international agencies as appropriate.